We offer Private Vault storage in Canada, USA, Cayman Islands, UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, with the ability to trade pure bullion in single ounce increments on the New York, London, and Asian markets.

The Cayman Islands are the closest and best offshore storage option for investors seeking to internationalize their hard assets. We offer you the ability to trade your pure bullion that is securely stored, in single ounce increments on the New York, London, and Asian markets.


There is no direct taxation of any kind, nor has there ever been, in Cayman’s history. No income tax, no sales tax, no capital gains, no inheritance tax, etc. Precious metals are not subject to tariffs upon entry or exit of the country, nor is the purchase or storage of precious metals in the Cayman Islands subject to value added tax (VATs). 


You can browse the online fabricated products to verify products we carry, or contact us directly.

All products from our suppliers are of Hallmark refineries such as Johnson Matthey, AMark, OPM, PAMP Suisse, Perth Mint, Metalor (Credit Suisse), Engelhard, or from Government Mints such as US Mint and Royal Canadian Mint (RCM). All products other than Industrial Bars are subject to availability.


Payment can be made by bill payment, bank wire, interac e-Transfer, or direct deposit.

If you have any questions please email us or call us directly at  866.769.2521  /  604.639.2150 




Start building your financial empire on solid .9999 bullion